Strength and Health, September 1969

Table of Contents

Editorial - Stress, Tension, and Healthful LivingBob Hoffman5
Letters To The Editor9
Keys To Progress - Questions and Answers - 2John McCallum10
Senior National Action ReportBob Hoffman12
Highlights of the 1969 Mr America ContestBill Starr, Don Reed18
Water Safety Begins With You22
Nutritional AnemiaBob Hoffman24
Fiji - A Bodybuilder's ParadiseVince Basile26
Behind The Scenes - The Last DaysBill Starr28
Mr America Series - Do's and Don'ts in Physique CompetitionJim Haislop30
GrapevineBill Starr, Don Reed34
Motor Learning: The Acquisition of Weightlifting SkillsBarry Whitcomb36
Boy's Club - Weight Training in an Elementary School Ranger ProgramPeter Zansitis38
Helm's Weightlifting Hall of FameBill Starr40
What You Should Know About MassageBill Christian41
In Union There Is StrengthBob Hoffman42
God's Gift To Mankind - Aloe VeraBob Hoffman44
John Sprenkle - Super AtheleteJim Isenberg46
To The Ladies - Are You Fat?Vera Christensen50
Man Of The Month - Kassen Yarbak52
Junior Nationals Action ReportBob Hoffman54
Weightlifting News56
Tips On Good EatingMarlene Starr58
Ask The DoctorJohn Gourgott82

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