Your Physique, Volume 3 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - This Is No Time To Be FrailJoe Weider3
News and Views of the Weightlifting WorldBill Panzen4
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney5
Keep On Making This A Happier New YearDr Frederick Tilney7
The Mighty TricepsGeorge F Jowett8
The Critical Period of LifePaul Von Boeckmann12
Meet Mr New York City - Terry RobinsonJoe Weider13
Preserve Your Future HealthDr Frederick Tilney14
Your Personal ProblemsDr Frederick Tilney17
Here's Why You Need Scientific Exercise18
Physique Photography and PosingLon Hanagan21
How To Conquer Fear and WorryGeorge Malcolm Smith25
The Strongest Man - Louis CyrGeorge F Jowett28

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