Your Physique, Volume 3 Number 2

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
News and Views of the Weightlifting WorldBill Panzen4
Letters to The Editor5
Your Questions AnsweredDr Frederick Tilney6
A Few Words With The EditorJoe Weider7
I'm Only 17, but Here is What Intensive Training Did For MeHoward Eastman8
A Few Cases of Improvement ReportedMark H Berry10
Your Personal ProblemsDr Frederick Tilney11
Developing the ForearmsGeorge F Jowett12
Chest ExpansionPaul Von Boeckmann16
Try These Exercises and Menus for Gaining WeightDr Frederick Tilney18
How To Gain WeightDr Frederick Tilney20
Physique Photography and Posing, part 3Lon Hanagan21
How To Take Your MeasurementsDavid P Willoughby22
How to Keep Youthful and Live LongGeorge Malcolm Smith26

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