Your Physique, Volume 3 Number 3

Table of Contents

Smash The Enemy of DiseaseJoe Weider3
Magnificent Muscualr Marvel - Santo LeoneDr Frederick Tilney5
There is in you a Sleeping Lion - Learn to Release itJoe Weider8
Magnificent ShouldersGeorge F Jowett10
Overeating - Health's Worst EnemyGeorge Malcolm Smith14
Weightlifitng - Lift by LiftWilliam Kennedy16
War and Physical Fitness in Soviet RussiaE M Orlick18
Some Facts about CurlingGeorge R Weaver21
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney22
Your Ju-Jitsu LessonGeorge Malcolm Smith24
What They Measured - Johh GrimekDavid P Willoughby25

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