Your Physique, Volume 3 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Is Smoking Harmful?J T Ginn5
Weightlifting - Lift by LiftWilliam Kennedy7
Emissions (wet dreams)L E Eubanks9
How To Condition Yourself Against DiseaseDr Frederick Tilney10
Beer - The Beverage of ModerationJoe Weider12
Are You Afflicted With Tight Shoulders?James Evans13
Developing the Zone of VitalityGeorge F Jowett14
My Secret of Building Massive Muscles - QuickJack L Donavan18
Nazis Destroy Great Physical Culture MovementE M Orlick20
Letters to The Editor24
Your Ju-Jitsu LessonGeorge Malcolm Smith26
What They Measured - Eugen SandowDavid P Willoughby27

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