Your Physique, Volume 4 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Build an Impressive PhysiqueBarton R Horvath7
Getting Aquainted with Your Editor-in-Chief Joseph E WeiderDr Frederick Tilney8
So You Want to be a Physical DirectorE M Orlick10
The Return of the Greek IdealGeorge R Weaver12
Dip Your Way to Great Development and PowerEd Theriault14
Believe It Or Shut Up!Phil D Lloyd16
Your Body Building Problems SolvedWalt Baptiste16
The Great Sandow - part 2Ernest Edwin Coffin18
Physique in ClothesJoe Weider21
The Body Builders' CornerGeorge R Weaver22
Maybe You Didn't KnowPhil D Lloyd23
How To Demonstrate Your Strength Correctly - part 2Harold Ansorge24
Weight Training and Sexual PowerL E Eubanks26
True Training Principles For The Body BuilderGeorge F Jowett29
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney30
Your Ju-Jitsu LessonGeorge Malcolm Smith32
What They Measured - Maurice Jones, Charles RigoulotDavid P Willoughby33
Your Health Questions AnsweredRay Van Cleef34
Exercise of the MonthGeorge R Weaver36
The Lifting RaterGeorge R Weaver38

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