Your Physique, Volume 5 Number 2

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider7
Get In On The "Muscle Building" Assembly Line - Now!Dr Frederick Tilney9
Hidden Hunger - Fact or FallacyDr Jesse Mercer Gehman11
Developing The Legs Withoug WeightsEd Theriault12
The Story of Frank LeightFrank Leight14
The Greatest Lifts and LiftersDavid P Willoughby16
EnergyEarle E Liederman18
Magnificent Manhood - Sam Loprinzi21
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver22
The Great Sandow - part 6Ernest Edwin Coffin24
How To Demonstrate Your Strength Correctly - part 6Harold Ansorge26
Building a Mighty Canada Through Weight TrainingE M Orlick28
Your Body Building Problems SolvedWalt Baptiste30
A True Strong Man Story - Dick TrusdallPhil D Lloyd31
Exercise of the Month31
The Attraction of the Grecian TorsoGeorge F Jowett32
The BarbellWilliam Oliphant34
Book ReviewsL E Eubanks35
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney36
Your Ju-Jitsu LessonGeorge Malcolm Smith38
What They Measured - Henry SteinbornDavid P Willoughby39
The Lifting RaterGeorge R Weaver40

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