Your Physique, Volume 5 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditoralJoe Weider7
Fruit - Nature's Food and MedicineDr Caleb T Saunders9
A Sound Mind in a Sound BodyHereward Carrington11
It's All Done by MirrorsJoe Weider12
Clarence Ross "Mr. America of 1945"Leo Stern14
Magnificent Manhood - Clarence Ross15
Posing for Physique PhotosKenneth Deardorf16
The BarbellWilliam Oliphant18
The World's Greatest LiftsGeorge R Weaver19
Toughen Up Your AbdomenEd Theriault20
The Body Builders' CornerGeorge R Weaver22
How To Demonstrate Your Strength Correctly - part 8Harold Ansorge24
The Great Sandow - part 8Ernest Edwin Coffin26
A Discussion on Competitive TrainingJohn Davis28
Those Extra MovementsEarle E Liederman30
True Story about C Larry WeeksPhil D Lloyd33
Are You Neglecting Your Heart?E M Orlick35
Maybe You Didn't KnowPhil D Lloyd37
Your Body Building Problems SolvedWalt Baptiste37
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney38
Your Ju-Jitsu LessonGeorge Malcolm Smith40
What They Measured - Joseph Alzin, Louis Cyr, Karl SwobodaDavid P Willoughby41
Your Health Problems SolvedRay Van Cleef42
The Lifting RaterGeorge R Weaver44
Exercise of the MonthGeorge R Weaver46

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