Your Physique, Volume 6 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Promise Made GoodJoe Weider7
When You've Reached Your LimitJoe Weider8
Fay's Studio of HealthJoe Weider10
Complete Results of the 1946 World's Championships12
Magnificent Manhood - Dave Asnis13
Charles Vansittart - "The Man With The Iron Grip"William A Pullum14
Diet In Relation To Physical ActivityDavid P Willoughby16
How Leo Stern Trained To Win The "Mr California of 1946" TitleClarence Ross19
How To Train For Improving Your Military PressGeorge Walsh22
Care of the FaceGeorge Quaintance24
The Secret of HandbalancingE M Orlick26
Put The Finishing Touches To Your GripHarold Ansorge27
Here's A Better Way Of LifeDr Frederick Tilney28
Muscle Control and Triceps DevelopmentHarry Shafran30
Postscript To Muscualr DevelopmentEarle E Liederman32
Lesson In AnatomyLeo Gaudreau35
Training For BulkKimon Voyages36
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver38
The Physique Rater - Alan StephanGeorge R Weaver40
How I Developed My Outstanding ObliquesAbe Goldberg41
The Physiology of the Strong ManGuyot Daubes42

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