Your Physique, Volume 6 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - An Important MessageJoe Weider7
Among The Kings of StrengthGeorge Walsh8
How to Overcome and Prevent Nervous IndigestionBamford Stanley11
Let's Laugh at OurselvesEarle E Liederman12
Magnificent Manhood - Rene Leger13
Everett Sinderoff - A Modern GladiatorLon Hanagan14
Little Lessons in AnatomyLeo Gaudreau17
How to Develop a Magnificent ChestGeorge F Jowett18
The Tony Sansone GymnasiumJoe Weider21
Care of the FaceGeorge Quaintance22
The Crave For StrengthDr Frederick Tilney24
How to Perform Correctly the Two Arm Clean and JerkGeorge Walsh26
Unconscious Training FraudsGeorge F Jowett28
introducing Ju-do Your DefenseTat Smith30
Strong Men I Have Known - Kenneth TerrellEarle E Liederman32
The Secret of HandbalancingE M Orlick34
The Bodybuilders CornerGeorge R Weaver36
Muscle Control - part 4Harry Shafran38
The Answers to Your Training ProblemsBarton R Horvath40
The Physique Rater - Monroe BrownGeorge R Weaver41
Your Physique Hall of Fame42

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