Your Physique, Volume 7 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Living A Complete Life?Joe Weider7
The Amazing Story of John FarbotnikJoe Weider8
Who Won The World's Championships?11
Developing Your Serratus Magnus MusclesGeorge F Jowett12
Magnificent Manhood - Earle E Liederman15
Judo - Your Self DefenseTat Smith16
The Secret of Long LifeDavid P Willoughby18
The Physique RaterGeorge R Weaver21
Walter Marcyan and His Famous West Coast GymJoe Weider22
Meet Joseph E Weider - A Champion of AchievementGeorge F Jowett24
Little Lessons In AnatomyLeo Gaudreau27
Re-Package Your PersonalityDr Frederick Tilney28
How To Perform The Clean And Jerk LiftGeorge Walsh30
The Art Of Displaying Your MusclesHarry Shafran32
Ameircan and European Physical Ideals34
The Story of Arthur SaxonLeo Gaudreau36
The Secret of HandbalancingE M Orlick38
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver40
Around The World With WeightliftersWilliam Oliphant42
The Answer To Your Bodybuilding ProblemsBarton R Horvath44

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