Your Physique, Volume 7 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Thanks A MillionJoe Weider7
"Your Physique" Improvement ContestGeorge Quaintance8
The Cause and Cure of Stomach TroublesBamford Stanley10
Build A Strong, Straight and Sturdy BackGeorge F Jowett12
A Hollywood HerculesEarle E Liederman15
Try This Unique System of TrainingEarle E Liederman16
How Good Is Sunbathing?John F Wilson18
A Psychological Study Of StrengthJoe Weider20
Magnificent Manhood - Joe Colosimo21
Why You Should Breathe Properly When ExercisingGeorge F Jowett22
The Secret of Long LifeDavid P Willoughby24
Ed Yarick's Physical Culture StudioJoe Weider26
Judo - Your Self DefenseTat Smith28
Who's The Strongest Man?David P Willoughby30
The Story of Saxon - part Leo Gaudreau33
American and European Ideals - George DiMaria and Juan Ferrero34
Around The World With WeightliftersWilliam Oliphant36
Weight-Training vs ParalysisNormal Appel39
Are You Fully Prepared For Marriage?Dr Frederick Tilney40
Last Words On Olympic TrainingGeorge Walsh42
Arvid Anderson - Sweden's Featherweight Champion LifterSalvo Ellul43
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver44
Beware - Of What You Stand OnE M Orlick46
Little Lessons In AnatomyLeo Gaudreau48

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