Your Physique, Volume 7 Number 5

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider7
Complete Results of the "Mr. Pacific Coast and Lifting Show"Walter Marcyan8
The Story of Eric Pedersen, "Mr. California of 1947"Earle E Liederman10
How I Developed My ChestJohn Farbotnik12
A Short Story About VitaminsHereward Carrington15
Results of the "Mr. New York State" and Lifting ChampionshipsGeorge Quaintance16
Enjoy Hot Weather HealthBamford Stanley18
The Up and Down SystemJoe Weider20
Eugene Dubuque - "Mr. New York City of 1947"Lon Hanagan22
Novel Apparatus For Leg DevelopmentGeorge R Weaver24
The Life Of Louis CyrLeo Gaudreau26
Where Are The Big Necks?Earle E Liederman28
Who Is The Strongest Man?David P Willoughby30
When Is The Best TIme To Exercise?George F Jowett31
How To Lift Cumbersome ObjectsPaul J Riley32
American and European Ideals34
Judo - Your Self DefenseTat Smith36
Foods That Rob You Of PowerDr Frederick Tilney38
Strengthen Your FeetE M Orlick40
Around The World With WeightliftersWilliam Oliphant42
Little Lessons In AnatomyLeo Gaudreau44
The Secret of Hand StrengthGeorge F Jowett45
What They Measured - Tom TylerDavid P Willoughby46

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