Your Physique, Volume 8 Number 2

Table of Contents

Our Boy's DepartmentEarle E Liederman7
Buildign A Powerful Grip and ForearmsDavid P Willoughby8
Take Car of Your TeethE M Orlick12
Ed Zebrowski, Master of Muscles and MysteryJoe Weider14
How Much ExerciseMark H Berry16
How John Bayne Keeps FitGeorge Lowther18
So You Want To Gain Weight? part 1Peary Rader20
What's Your Trouble?George F Jowett22
Magnificent Manhood - Jerome Van Haver and Steve Reeves24
New Energy and Viatality Can Be YoursDr Frederick Tilney26
The Story of Louis CyrLeo Gaudreau28
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver30
Around The World With WeightliftersArthur F Gay32
Anatomy SimplifiedLeo Gaudreau33

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