Your Physique, Volume 8 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Muscular Vigor Important to Life5
Our Boy's DepartmentEarle E Liederman7
The Press Behind Neck - For Broader ShouldersCharles A Smith8
Rene Leger, "Mr. Canada"E M Orlick10
Noteworthy Examples of Arm StrengthDavid P Willoughby12
How I Developed My ArmsEric Pedersen14
Results of the World's ChampionshipsCharles A Smith16
Meet Jon Hall - Famous Movie StarGeorge Lowther18
The Leading LIfts and LiftersGeorge R Weaver20
The Body Beautiful - Alan PaivioJoe Weider21
The Muscles of the Upper ExtremityGene Jantzen22
Egyptian Methods of WeightliftingEl Saied Nosseir24
How Shy Are YouJoe Weider26
What's Your Trouble?George F Jowett28
The Measurements and Lifts of Louis CyrLeo Gaudreau30
Anatomy SimplifiedLeo Gaudreau31

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