Your Physique, Volume 8 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - 1948!Joe Weider5
Our Boys DepartmentEarle E Liederman7
Arm Development - part 8David P Willoughby8
What's Your Bodybuilding Problem?George F Jowett10
The Leading Lifts and LiftersGeorge R Weaver12
Magnificent Manhood - Russel Field13
Improve Your Leg DefinitionEd Theriault14
The Bodybuilders' CornerGeorge R Weaver16
Do You Lack Initiative?Joe Weider18
The Muscles of the Upper ExtremityGene Jantzen20
The Amazing Charles RigoulotLeo Gaudreau22
Canada's Most Perfect Physique ContestMartin Franklin24
Take Care Of Your EarsE M Orlick26
Around The World With WeightliftersArthur F Gay28
To The Memory of William OliphantJoe Weider30
New York State Show32

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