Your Physique, Volume 9 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
What's Your ProblemGeorge F Jowett7
Leo Robert Wins Self-Improvement Contest8
Exposing Gordon Venable's FallaciesGeorge R Weaver10
My Training RoutineAlan Stephan12
The Greatest Fighter of Them AllCharles Roth14
Bigger and Better ArmsSteve Reeves16
Arm Symmetry and ProportionsDavid P Willoughby18
Report on the Mr Universe 1947Gene Jantzen21
Your Pattern For SuccessDr Frederick Tilney22
14 Year Old Sensation John Iaccino23
Pictorial Spread - Sam Loprinze24
Around The World With WeightliftersCharles A Smith26
Keep Your Eyes on ShemanskyGeorge Yacos28
The Muscles of the Forearm and Their DevelopmentGene Jantzen30

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