Your Physique, Volume 9 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Imitation is FlatteryJoe Weider5
Mr. New York State Winners7
Avoid These Errors In TrainingEarle E Liederman8
Pictorial Spread of Eric Pederson10
Arm Development - part 9David P Willoughby11
Strong Man StuffGerard Nisivoccia13
George Eiferman - Philadelphia HerculesJoe Weider14
The Life Story of SwobodaErnest Edwin Coffin16
Developing The ChestSteve Reeves18
More About Cigarettes and CancerJoe Weider20
Pictorial Spread of Michael Forgione22
What's Your ProblemGeorge F Jowett23
Around The World With LiftersCharles A Smith24
International Federation of Body Builders Reports26
I.F.B.B. Subscription Drive28
Boys' DepartmentEarle E Liederman29

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