Your Physique, Volume 9 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial Joe Weider5
Test Your StrengthGeorge R Weaver7
Dangers of Over ExerciseEarle E Liederman8
Shoulder DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby10
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver12
Let's Stop The Mud SlingingE M Orlick14
Meet Leo Maryck - "Mr. Detroit"Douglas16
International Federation News and Views18
What's Your ProblemGeorge F Jowett20
Your Physique Self Improvement Contest22
How To Take Your MeasurementsDavid P Willoughby23
Swoboda - The ColossusErnest Edwin Coffin24
Peter George - Wonder Boy of LiftingArthur F Gay26
Around The World With WeightliftersCharles A Smith28
I.F.B.B. Membership Drive31
The Leading Lifts and LiftersGeorge R Weaver50

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