Your Physique, Volume 10 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Expanding HorizonsJoe Weider5
The Life Story of George F JowettMartin Franklin7
Introducing Jimmy Payne - West Coast HerculesAlyce Stagg8
Pictorial Display of Jimmy Payne9
Results of Mr Eastern North America Contest10
Are You a Tense Person?13
The Tragic Story of Jack JohnsonWilfred Diamond14
How I Specialized for Muscualr DevelopmentAlan Stephan16
Sex Education for Young MenE M Orlick18
You Can Develop Your LegsSteve Reeves20
Pictorial Display of Steve Reeves21
Round the World With LiftersCharles A Smith22
Our Beginners' DepartmentJohnny Icino24
Feats of Shoulder StrengthDavid P Willoughby25
IFBB Notes and News26
How to Test Your StrengthGeorge R Weaver27

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