Your Physique, Volume 10 Number 3

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Our Boy's DepartmentJohnny Icino7
Olympic Weightlifting ResultsJohn F Barrs8
What They Measured - Eugen SandowDavid P Willoughby11
How To Gain WeightAlan Stephan12
Here's Leo RobertGeorge F Jowett14
Nocturnal EmissionsE M Orlick16
Developing a Powerful NeckDavid P Willoughby18
Mr. Canada 1948 ResultsGordon Koby20
Exercises Necessary for Health and HappinessAlan Paivio22
I.F.B.B. Notes and News (In Reply To Robert C Hoffman)24
The Story of Jack JohnsonWilfred Diamond26

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