Your Physique, Volume 10 Number 6

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Why Women Admire The Well Built ManVal Njord7
What's Your ProblemGeorge F Jowett8
A History of American WeightliftingDavid P Willoughby10
Meet Norman Marks, California HerculesClem Poechman12
What They Measured - Adolph NordquestDavid P Willoughby14
Science Tells Why Some People Are FatE M Orlick16
I Broke The Miltiary Press RecordBob Higgins17
How to Test Your StrengthGeorge R Weaver17
The Science of Chest DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby18
The Story of Lex Barker, the new Tarzan of the MoviesGeorge Lowther20
I.F.B.B. Notes and News of Particular Importance22
Round The World With WeightliftersLeo Gaudreau24
What You Should Know About Venereal DiseaseE M Orlick26

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