Your Physique, Volume 11 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Conquest of Fear!Joe Weider5
Advice to The Male AnimalVal Njord7
Felix Gedraitis - 16 Year Old Wonder BoyJohnny Icino8
WarningEarle E Liederman10
Mr. Los Angeles 1949Earle E Liederman11
For Bigger CHestDavid P Willoughby12
Why Be Just An Average Guy ?Ben Weider14
What's Your Problem?George F Jowett17
The Man Who Refused to Accept Defeat - Fred MassaroBarton R Horvath19
Trainig Problems of The Tall ManGeorge F Jowett20
A New Mr. Montreal22
Is Being Mr. America Worth the Effort?Steve Reeves23
The History of American WeightliftingDavid P Willoughby24
Mr. U.S.A.26
Around the World With WeightsLeo Gaudreau28

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