Your Physique, Volume 11 Number 4

Table of Contents

We - The Body Builders Speak4
Editorial - Your Editor ConfessesJoe Weider5
Mr. and Mrs. Florida Contest7
Best Exercises For Back DevelopmentAlan Stephan8
What's Your Problem10
Is Petting Dangerous ?E M Orlick12
History of American Weightlifting - part 8, Warren TravisDavid P Willoughby14
Training Problems of the Tall ManGeorge F Jowett16
Chest DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby18
Bodybuilder's Food DepartmentDr Frederick Tilney20
Our Boy's DepartmentJohnny Icino22
The Life Story of George F JowettMartin Franklin23
'Round the World With WeightliftersLeo Gaudreau24
Meet Michael Craver, Mr Michigan 1948Douglas26
Mr. and Miss Waikiki28

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