Your Physique, Volume 11 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Bodybuilding Scores Another TriumphJoe Weider5
Letters to The Editor6
Advice to The MaleVal Njord7
History of Ameircan Weightlifting - part 9David P Willoughby8
Reporting on the Mr North American ContestBarton R Horvath10
Training Problems of the Short ManGeorge F Jowett14
The Terrible Cost of Sex IgnoranceE M Orlick16
Chest Development - part 10David P Willoughby18
Bodybuilder's Food DepartmentDr Frederick Tilney20
How to Develop Your Arms - part 2Alan Stephan22
What's Your Problem24
Rex Ravelle - The Pacific Physique KingWalt Christie26
'Round the World with Weight LiftersLeo Gaudreau29

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