Your Physique, Volume 11 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Is The Whole World Sick ?Joe Weider5
Letters to The Editor6
Introducing Si StanfordSpartan7
The History of American WeightliftingDavid P Willoughby8
Are You Bulk Crazy?Barton R Horvath10
Do You Get Jitters Before a Competition?E M Orlick12
The Lower Back and Its DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby14
Problems of the Short ManGeorge F Jowett16
More Power to YouGeorge R Weaver18
Check Development for BeginnersAlan Stephan20
What's Your Problem?George F Jowett22
Round The World With WeightliftersLeo Gaudreau24
Man Of The Month - Ibrahim Shams25
Pictorial Display of Clarence RossSpartan26
Dr. Tilney's Bodybuilders Food DepartmentDr Frederick Tilney28

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