Your Physique, Volume 12 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Tenacity of PurposeJoe Weider5
We the Bodybuilders Speak!6
Advice to The MaleVal Njord7
A History of American WeightliftingDavid P Willoughby8
Pictorial Review - Bob Del Monteque11
Armand Tanny - Man of IronJoe Weider12
The Lower BackDavid P Willoughby14
Debunking the Opponents of Weight TrainingJoe Weider16
The Set System - In Fact and TheoryBarton R Horvath18
Hermann Saxon and Kurt SaxonLeo Gaudreau20
How Best to Build Pressing PowerGeorge F Jowett22
What's Your Problem?24
Shoulder Development for BeginnersAlan Stephan26
Round The World With WeightliftersLeo Gaudreau28

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