Your Physique, Volume 12 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Physical Fitness Is A Basic Need Of ManJoe Weider5
Letters to The Editor6
Malcolm Brenner - Los Angeles GiantJoe Weider7
The History of American WeightliftingDavid P Willoughby8
Pin-up Photo - Miss Val Njord11
Weider Lever BarJoe Weider12
What's Your ProblemBarton R Horvath14
About Foods and Gaining WeightGeorge R Weaver15
The Abdominal and Side MusclesDavid P Willoughby16
Sex Education for the Young ManE M Orlick18
Short Stature and Height IncreaseGeorge R Weaver20
You Don't Start at the TopArmand Tanny22
For Better Results Use the Squat RackGeorge F Jowett24
Pictorial Display - Ed Theriault26
Kurt and Herman SaxonLeo Gaudreau28
Around the World with WeightliftersLeo Gaudreau30

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