Your Physique, Volume 12 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Exercise Therapy, A New Era in the Story of MedicineJoe Weider5
Joffre L'Heureux - Might Champion of JusticeBen Weider6
What About the Morals of BodybuildersE M Orlick8
Is Ed Theriault the Most Perfectly Developed Short Man?9
What's Your Problem?Barton R Horvath10
Magnificent Shoulders George F Jowett12
Your First Weightlifting ContestCharles A Smith14
The I.F.B.B. and the A.A.U.16
Exploding Bodybuilding SuperstitionsGeorge R Weaver18
Waist-Line Development, part 4David P Willoughby20
A History of American Weightlifting, part 14David P Willoughby22
Beauty and Brains - Val Njord24
Round the World with Weightlifters25
The Evolution of Heavy ExercisesBarton R Horvath26

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