Your Physique, Volume 12 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Would You Choose - Life? or Death?Joe Weider5
Letters to The Editor6
Beware of Athlete's FootE M Orlick9
Sculptor FormGeorge F Jowett10
Marvin Eder - Mighty King of the 'Teen-AgersJoe Weider12
Posing for Muscular DisplayFred Massaro14
Massive Back Power for YouAlan Stephan16
Who Has the Greatest Arm Development?David P Willoughby18
A History of American Weight Lifting - part 15David P Willoughby20
You Can Sleep WellGeorge R Weaver22
Getting It Off My ChestJoe Weider24
The Evolution of Heavy Exercises - part 3Barton R Horvath27
What's Your Problem?Barton R Horvath28

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