Your Physique, Volume 13 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Man or Mouse ?Joe Weider5
The Three Olympic LiftsDavid P Willoughby6
ConstipationGeorge R Weaver8
Secrets of the ChampionsJoe Weider10
Pictorial Display - Floyd Page12
Making ChampionsFloyd Page13
Common Training ErrorsRex Ravelle14
Action - For Bigger TricepsGeorge F Jowett16
Waist-Line DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby18
Clarence Ross The StrongmanJoe Weider20
The Science of Competitive LiftingCharles A Smith22
Pictorial Display - Bill Cerdas23
What's Your ProblemBarton R Horvath24
Arthur Zeller - A Rising Young StarBarton R Horvath26

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