Your Physique, Volume 13 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Bodybuilding - The Sport of GentlemenJoe Weider5
What's Your ProblemBarton R Horvath6
Hip And Thigh DevelopmentDavid P Willoughby8
Be The Real ThingVal Njord10
The Mental Aspects Of Competition And TrainingCharles A Smith11
A Future Mr America - Bill MelbyBen Weider12
Secrets Of The ChampionsJoe Weider15
The Three Olympic LiftsDavid P Willoughby16
Power Exercises For Bigger MusclesGeorge F Jowett18
The Will To WinGeorge F Jowett20
The Truth About MeasurementsGeorge R Weaver22
Practice Curls Form A Bulging BicepsAbe Goldberg24

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