Your Physique, Volume 13 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Fit For Defense?Joe Weider5
A Reader's OpinionRoy E Hunt6
Flash Report of the 1950 AAU Mr AmericaCharles A Smith8
Secrets of the ChampionsJoe Weider9
Pictorial Spread of Reg Park13
My Back Developing RoutineReg Park14
Making ChampionsFloyd Page16
What Is The Ideal Physique? part 1David P Willoughby18
Pictorial Display of Alan StephanRuss Warner20
More Power To Your ArmsAlan Stephan21
What's Your Problem?Barton R Horvath22
The Three Olympic LiftsDavid P Willoughby24
Weightlifting Exercises For BodybuildersCharles A Smith26
Annoucement!! I.F.B.B. Mr North America, Mr Eastern America29

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