Your Physique, Volume 14 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are Bodybuilders Fanatics?Joe Weider5
The Story of WeightliftingTat Smith6
How I Developed My ShouldersReg Park9
Secrets of the ChampionsJoe Weider12
Making ChampionsFloyd Page15
Khadr El Toumi, Egyptian SupermanLeo Gaudreau17
Making a Comback ?Barton R Horvath18
What Is The Ideal Physique? part 3David P Willoughby20
Size for Your Rib BoxCharles A Smith22
Developing a Powerful NeckAlan Stephan24
Angelo Caminiti, Phsique PerfectionistBarton R Horvath26
Mr. U.S.A, Miss U.S.A., Mr. Western America, Mr Muscle Beach28
Mr. Univers and Mr. Europe29

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