Your Physique, Volume 14 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Are You Living For?Joe Weider5
Your Sex Problems AnsweredE M Orlick6
Pictorial Display of Leo Roberts in Color8
Secrets of the ChampionsJoe Weider9
The Science of the Lat MachineCharles A Smith12
My Favorite Arm ExerciseLeo Robert14
Elementary Anatomy and PhysiologyE M Orlick16
Various Forms of the Flushing MethodsReg Park18
Have Fun Building MusclesAbe Goldberg20
Born to Be Famous - Dick TorioBarton R Horvath22
What Is The Ideal Physique? part 5David P Willoughby24
Get That Championship LookBarton R Horvath26
Whose Pupil Am I ?Alan Stephan29
Flash Report of the Latest Bodybuilding Shows50

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