Your Physique, Volume 14 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Men Forged In SteelJoe Weider5
The Paris Story - World Weightlifting Championships - part 1Charles Coster7
What's Your Problem?Barton R Horvath11
Joints of the BodyE M Orlick14
The Little GiantBen Weider16
Development of the Biceps and ForearmsCharles A Smith18
Who Should Have Been "Mr World"?Joe Weider20
The Problem of Calf DevelopmentAlan Stephan22
A Smashing Blow To Stubborn MusclesReg Park24
Developing The ForearmsSteve Reeves26
Secrets of the ChampionsJoe Weider29
What Is The Ideal Physique?David P Willoughby32

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