Your Physique, Volume 15 Number 3

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Kadr El Touni, Egypt's Weight-Lifting ColossusCharles Coster7
The Amazing Comback of Ludwig ShusterichBarton R Horvath9
Developing The BicepsCharles A Smith12
The Power Of Mental ConcentrationClarence Ross14
How To Use The Chinning Bar for Amazing Back DevelopmentBarton R Horvath16
You Shouldn't Fail In Bodybuilding If?Abe Goldberg18
The Mechanics of The SquatDavid P Willoughby20
Speedy Muscles and PowerReg Park22
Your Program For ReducingAlan Stephan24
The World's Greatest Courses26
The Best Bodybuildign System Of All!Gord Venables28

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