Your Physique, Volume 15 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Is Good Health?Joe Weider5
Jr National Weightlifting and Jr Mr America ResultsCharles A Smith7
My Reply To The Austin FormulaDavid P Willoughby8
Alvin Lee's Rise To PowerBarton R Horvath10
Foods For The ChampionsArmand Tanny12
Forearms Of SteelAbe Goldberg14
How To Win Contests With Your MusclesClarence Ross16
Developing The Lower BackCharles A Smith18
Cheating Exercises Mean More Power And Muscles For You!Reg Park20
Train, Don't Strain (A Controversial Debate)22
What About Those Cheating Exercises?Joe Weider24
Basic Power Equipment For WeightliftersCharles A Smith28

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