Your Physique, Volume 16 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are Mistakes Necessary ?Joe Weider5
More Mud SlingingJoe Weider7
The Mystery Of MuscleGord Venables10
Super Sets for Super PecsAbe Goldberg12
The Routines I Have FollowedClarence Ross14
Muscular Neck and Muscular Forearms for You!Charles A Smith16
A New Star From ManhattanBarton R Horvath18
Poses That Made The Champions Famous21
Dumbbells For Health and PowerFloyd Page22
How I Trained To Break The World's Press RecordDoug Hepburn, Charles A Smith24
My Favorite Upper Back ExercisesMarvin Eder, Barton R Horvath28
The Greatest Strength Show On Earth31

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