Your Physique, Volume 16 Number 5

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Why I Entered The "Mr. Universe" ContestJoe Weider7
Milan Drama - World Weightlifting ChampionshipsCharles Coster8
Eating For Pleasure and BenefitClarence Ross12
Rising Young StarsBarton R Horvath14
Poses That Made The Champions Famous15
Why Worry About Layoffs?Armand Tanny16
Strengthening Your Weightlifting Pulling PowerCharles A Smith18
Bodybuilding For The BeginnerAlan Stephan20
How To Develop A Mr. America BodyGeorge Eiferman22
Herman Goerner - Feats Of Gripping PowerLeo Gaudreau24
The Greatest Lift Of Them AllGord Venables28

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