Your Physique, Volume 16 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - The New EraJoe Weider5
Milan Climax - Results of World's Weightlifting ChampionshipsCharles Coster7
The Story of Norman TousleyRuss Warner10
Poses That Made The Champions Famous - Melvin Wells13
The Deep Knee Bend and It's Relationship to Lifting Power and BodybuildingDoug Hepburn, Charles A Smith14
My Bulk Gaining routineGeorge Eiferman16
Isolation Exercise PrincipleJoe Weider18
Forced Reps for Added Bulk!Marvin Eder, Barton R Horvath20
The Two Hands Clean and JerkGord Venables22
New Approaches To The Problems of SpecializationCharles A Smith25
Keeping the Records StraightDavid P Willoughby28

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