Your Physique, Volume 17 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - $90 Billion for Armament! How Much For Health?Joe Weider5
Your Bodybuilding Vocabulary - Part 2Floyd Page7
Cyclops...The Coin BreakerLeo Gaudreau9
Cold - The Bodybuilder's Greatest EnemyJoe Weider12
New Approaches To Neck SpecializationCharles A Smith14
My Favorite Should RoutineReg Park16
Keeping The Records StraightDavid P Willoughby18
My Experiences With The Set SystemClarence Ross20
How I Broke The World's Bench Press RecordDoug Hepburn22
The Inspiring Story of Len PetersCharles A Smith24
The Weider Home Gym Combination Gym OutfitBarton R Horvath28
Poses That Made The Champions FamousRobert Chan37
Special Announcement of Interest To All!45

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