Your Physique, Volume 17 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - We Need More MenJoe Weider5
The "Mr. America" PhysiqueDavid P Willoughby7
Trapezius DevelopmentCharles A Smith10
Meet Johnny McWilliamsCharles A Smith12
My Favourite Biceps RoutineReg Park14
Batta The GreatLeo Gaudreau16
Poses That Made The Champions Famous - John GrimekR Cahn19
The Price Of Being A ChampionJoe Weider20
How I Develped My 21 Inch ArmsDoug Hepburn22
What The Bench Press Has Done For MeGeorge Eiferman24
The Greatest All-Time Performers In The One-Arm SwingDavid P Willoughby28

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