Your Physique, Volume 17 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Imagination vs RealityJoe Weider5
Completing The Development of the TrapeziusCharles A Smith7
Art Powers - Phyiscal PerfectionRuss Warner10
What Rubber Cables Can Do For YouAlan Stephan12
Doug Hepburn - Is He A Second Louis Cyr ?David P Willoughby14
World-Wide Weightlifting ResultsCharles A Smith16
Poses That Made The Champions FamousR Cahn17
My Experiences With THe Set SystemGeorge Eiferman18
My 12 Favourite Kettlebell ExercisesLeo Robert20
The Two Arm CurlDoug Hepburn22
My Favorite Triceps RoutineReg Park24
Keeping The Records StraightDavid P Willoughby28
Special Announcement "Mr. America Magazine"37

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