Muscle Memory

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Bodybuilding World

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1977 JulyVol 1, Num 1scanDanny Padilla
1977 AugustVol 1, Num 2scanDave Johns
1977 SeptemberVol 1, Num 3scanSerge Nubret
1977 OctoberVol 1, Num 4scanClint Beyerle, D Weick, Dave Johns
1977 NovemberVol 1, Num 5scanEd Corney
1977 DecemberVol 1, Num 6scanKalman Szkalak
1978 JanuaryVol 1, Num 7scanSergio Oliva
1978 FebruaryVol 1, Num 8scanArthur Standard, Steve Chabonet, Gabin Lambert, Ray McCaulley
1978 MarchVol 1, Num 9scanDennis Tinerino, female

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