Muscle Memory

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Female Bodybuilding

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1986 DecemberNum 1scanCarla Duncan, Marjo Selin
1987 MarchNum 2scanBev Francis
1987 MayNum 3scanJuliette Bergmann
1987 JuneNum 4scanCory Everson
1987 SeptemberNum 5scanDiane Pellegrino
1987 NovemberNum 6scanRachel McLish
1988 JanuaryNum 7scanPenny Price
1988 MarchNum 8scanCory Everson
1988 MayNum 9scanCory Everson
1988 JulyNum 10scanMarjo Selin
1988 SeptemberNum 11scanDiana Dennis
1988 NovemberNum 12scanKelly Riley
1989 JanuaryNum 13scanApril Johnson
1989 MarchNum 14scanKathy Unger
1989 MayNum 15scanCory Everson
1989 JulyNum 16scanJanet Tech
1989 SeptemberNum 17scanTonya Knight
1989 NovemberNum 18scanRachel McLish
1990 JanuaryNum 19scanMarjo Selin
1990 MarchNum 20scanCory Everson
1990 MayNum 21scanJulia Kover
1990 JulyNum 22scanBev Francis
1990 SeptemberNum 23scanLaura Creavalle
1990 NovemberNum 24scanLenda Murray
1991 JanuaryNum 25scanNikki Fuller
1991 MarchNum 26scanSandy Riddell
1991 MayNum 27scanMichelle Bradley
1992 JulyNum 28scanMarjo Selin
1992 SeptemberNum 29scanKathy Unger
1992 NovemberNum 30scanRachel McLish
1993 JanuaryNum 31scanCory Everson
1993 MarchNum 32scanShelley Beattie, Erika Andersch
1993 MayNum 33scanLenda Murray, Patty Sanchez
1993 JulyNum 34scanDrorit Kernes
1993 SeptemberNum 35scanJuliette Bergmann
1993 NovemberNum 36scanLaura Bass
1994 JanuaryNum 37scanDenise Rutkowski
1994 MarchNum 38scanDiana Dennis, Pamela Martin
1994 MayNum 39scanAlphie Newman, Lenda Murray
1994 JulyNum 40scanPenny Price
1994 SeptemberNum 41scanLaura Creavalle, Laurie Donnelly
1994 NovemberNum 42scanEtta Shields
1995 JanuaryNum 43scanMichelle Andrea
1995 MarchNum 44scanDebbie Kruck, Lenda Murray, Laura Creavalle
1995 MayNum 45scanSue Price, Amy Zych
1995 JulyNum 46scanEricca Kern, Mia Finnegan, Lisa Ibarra
1995 SeptemberNum 47scanDebbie Kruck
1995 NovemberNum 48scanSharon Bruneau

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