Muscle Memory

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Muscle Media 2000

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1992 MarchNum 28scanLee Labrada
1992 JuneNum 29scanKevin Levrone
1993 FebruaryNum 30scanRich Gaspari
1993 AprilNum 31scanShawn Ray
1993 JuneNum 32scanDavid Dearth
1993 AugustNum 33scanAaron Baker
1993 OctoberNum 34scanMilos Sarcev
1993 DecemberNum 35scanEddie Robinson (1)
1994 FebruaryNum 36scanDavid Kuykendall, Flo Murphy
1994 AprilNum 37scanbody parts
1994 JuneNum 38scanMike Mentzer, Ursula Sarcev
1994 AugustNum 39scanTom Platz
1994 OctoberNum 40scanLee Labrada
1995 JanuaryNum 41scanAaron Baker, Lee Labrada
1995 MarchNum 42scanMilos Sarcev, wife
1995 MayNum 43scanvarious, cube
1995 JulyNum 44scanAmy Fadhli
1995 SeptemberNum 45scanmale, female
1995 NovemberNum 46scanShawn Phillips
1996 JanuaryNum 47scanJoseph Lazzaro (2), Laurie Donnelly
1996 FebruaryNum 48scanArnold Schwarzenegger
1996 AprilNum 49scanabs
1996 MayNum 50scanShawn Phillips
1996 JuneNum 51scanDanny Hester, Monica Brant
1996 AugustNum 52scantorso
1996 SeptemberNum 53scanDanny Hester, Vince Galanti
1996 OctoberNum 54scanmale, Monica Brant, Daniel Gwartney
1996 DecemberNum 55scanBill Davey, Page Langton
1997 JanuaryNum 56scancar
1997 FebruaryNum 57scanShannon Sharpe
1997 MarchNum 58scanEric Hoult, female
1997 MayNum 59scanRoger Applewhite, Tracy Katz
1997 JulyNum 60scanShawn Phillips
1997 AugustNum 61scanMichael Ryan
1997 SeptemberNum 62scanRoger Applewhite
1997 NovemberNum 63scanGreg Dowd, Brooke Burke
1997 DecemberNum 64scanBill Davey
1998 FebruaryNum 65scanDavid Darcangelo
1998 MarchNum 66scanRoger Applewhite
1998 AprilNum 67scanClark Bartram, Morisa Kaplan
1998 MayNum 68scanJohn Kessler
1998 AugustNum 69scanDan Blakely
1998 OctoberNum 70scanGreg Dowd, Mike D'Angelo, Robert Amstler, Caprice Fisher
1998 DecemberNum 71scanMike D'Angelo
1999 FebruaryNum 72scanGreg Dowd
1999 AprilNum 73scanGreg Dowd, Dan Blakely, Tracy Kay
1999 JulyNum 74scanGreg Dowd, Alia Kaohelauii, Erin Town
2000 JanuaryNum 75scanScott Nelson, Alison Breckenridge
2000 MarchNum 76scanDan Blakely, female
2000 MayNum 77scanSebastian Siegel, Mary Queen
2000 JuneNum 78scanmale, female
2000 AugustNum 79scanDavid Waite, Tammy Waite
2000 SeptemberNum 80scanMario Lopez, Ashley Cafagna
2000 OctoberNum 81scanRusty Joiner, Shana Hiatt Van Pattten
2000 NovemberNum 82scanAnthony Cassetta, Kelly Carlson
2000 DecemberNum 83scanPete Holter, Erin Lindsey
2000 DecemberNum 84scanJeffrey Crawford, Alison Breckenridge
2001 JanuaryNum 85scanAnna Williams, Chille
2001 MarchNum 86scanMichael Ryan, Kim Kanner
2001 AprilNum 87scanRobert Dessommes
2001 MayNum 88scanJonathan Aube, Jennifer England
2001 JuneNum 89scanDavid Kennedy, Mindy Myhre
2001 JulyNum 90scanAlain Rochette, Tori Wilson
2001 SeptemberNum 91scanBrandon Cordner, Chelsea Cordner
2001 OctoberNum 92scanRory Palazzo
2001 NovemberNum 93scanSheldon Eike
2001 DecemberNum 94scanShawn Phillips
2002 JanuaryNum 95scanClark Bartram, Rachel Moore
2002 MarchNum 96scanRoger Applewhite, Angela Mason
2002 AprilNum 97scanChad Moston, Sarah Orbanic
2002 JuneNum 98scanChad Moston, Jen O'Dell
2002 JulyNum 99scanAngela Mason
2002 AugustNum 100scanKen Laney, Chris Brock
2002 SeptemberNum 101scanMike Fregia, Lana Wright
2002 OctoberNum 102scanRoger Applewhite, Heidi Miller
2002 NovemberNum 103scanSebastian Siegel, Trace Anselman
2002 DecemberNum 104scanChristian Boeving, Monica Brant
2003 JanuaryNum 105scanDan Blakely, Candice Walker
2003 FebruaryNum 106scanJason Powell, Gailann Wright
2003 MarchNum 107scanMike Fregia, Angela Mason
2003 AprilNum 108scanDave Sinclair, Channing Dry
2003 MayNum 109scanmale, female
2003 JuneNum 110scanRoger Applewhite, Jackie Kash
2003 JulyNum 111scanJason Cameron, Jane Awad
2003 AugustNum 112scanKen Laney, Kerri Kaski
2003 SeptemberNum 113scanChad Moston, Kelly Carlson
2003 OctoberNum 114scanRobert Marting, Brandy Flores
2003 NovemberNum 115scanJason Powell, Heather Robinson
2004 JanuaryNum 116scanBill Phillips
2004 MarchNum 117scanRoger Applewhite, Angela Mason

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