Muscle Memory

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Muscle Sport Magazine

DateIssueCoverCover Models
2009 OctoberNum 1scanGregg Valentino
2010 JanuaryNum 2scanJay Cutler
2010 AprilNum 3scanHeather Armbrust
2011 JanuaryNum 4scanDavid Henry, Kevin English
2011 AprilNum 5scanBranch Warren
2011 JulyNum 6scanJay Cutler, Phil Heath
2012 JanuaryNum 7scanAlessandro Savi
2012 AprilNum 8scanIris Kyle
2012 JulyNum 9scanLionel Beyeke
2012 OctoberNum 10scanPhil Heath
2013 JanuaryNum 11scanShawn Rhoden
2013 AprilNum 12scanDerek Jeter
2015 JanuaryNum 13scanLee Priest
2015 AprilNum 14scanZack Khan
2015 JulyNum 15scanRich Piana
2015 OctoberNum 16scanBostin Loyd
2016 JanuaryNum 17scanMartyn Ford

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