Muscle Memory

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Muscle Training Illustrated special

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1977  scanBill Grant
1979 January scanAnibal Lopez, others
1979 July scanAndreas Cahling
1979 September scanPat Neve
1979 November scanTony Emmott
1980 January scanRay Mentzer
1980 March scanJohn Kemper, Betty Brown
1980 April scanDave Spector, John Kemper, Sergio Oliva, Lawrence Gordon
1980 May scanTerry Phillips
1980 June scan40 years of bodybuilding
1980 September scanAnibal Lopez
1981 March scanAnthony Pandolfo, Bette Brown
1981 April scanEd Corney
1982  scanTim Belknap
1982 January scanAndreas Cahling, Nancy Chesloe
1982 December scanDave Spector, Shelly Gruwell

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