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Reg Park Journal

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1954 January scanReg Park, two females
1954 February scanJuan Ferrero, family
1954 March scanClarence Ross
1954 April scanSteve Reeves
1954 May scanVince Gironda, female
1954 June scanReg Park, Issacs, Pretorius
1954 July scanJack Delinger, female
1954 August scanJuan Ferrero, female
1954 September scanReg Park, Shirley Eaten
1954 October scanAndré Drapp, Brenda Mae
1954 November scanAlan Stephan
1954 December scanJohn Lees, Dick DuBois
1955 January scanLeo Robert
1955 February scanSteve Reeves, Dick DuBois
1955 March scanSteve Reeves, Jane Powell
1955 April scanMonohar Aich, Marilyn Monroe
1955 May scanBill Pearl, Esther Williams
1955 June scanRoy Hilligenn, Simone Silva
1955 July scanVince Gironda
1955 August scanLeo Robert, Mickey Hargitay
1955 September scanSteve Klisanin
1955 October scanOscar Heiderstam
1955 November scanReg Park
1955 December scanLeo Robert
1956 January scanSteve Reeves, Alan Stephan, wife
1956 February scanBill Parkinson, Henry Downs, J Wood
1956 March scanHenry Downs
1956 April scanKen McDonald
1956 May scanBilly Hill
1956 June scanJohn Isaacs
1956 July scanBill Pearl, female
1956 August scanJack Delinger
1956 September scanJack Delinger, Ray Schaefer
1956 October scanLeo Robert
1956 November scanJohn Lees
1956 December scanTimmy Leong
1957 January scanMonte Wolford, female
1957 February scanReg Park, female
1957 March scanSteve Reeves, female
1957 April scanGeorge Eiferman
1957 May scanSteve Reeves, Belinda Lee
1957 June scanHenry Downs, Hazel Cleaver
1957 July scanLen Sell, Henry Downs, Gerry Crampton
1957 August scanDick DuBois, female
1957 September scanLeo Robert, Rejane Robert
1957 October scanMickey Hargitay, Jayne Mansfield
1957 November scanJohn Lees, two females
1957 December scanVince Gironda
1958 January scanRaymond Morris, June Dawson
1958 February scanArthur Robin, Andrea Loran
1958 March scanRon Lacy, Leila Williams
1958 April scanBilly Hill, female
1958 May scanReg Park, Mona Maertins, Dean Higuchi
1958 June scanReg Park, Annie Gurrasini
1958 July scanSteve Reeves
1958 August scanJuan Ferrero, Bridgette Bardotte
1958 September scanLynn Lyman, Diana Francombe
1958 October scanBert Elliott, Beverly Elliott
1958 November scanJohn Isaacs, Beryl Martin
1958 December scanReg Park, Christino Mayo

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